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    We would love to see the writing you have been creating at home.

    Sian Collinson

    Nicola Tesla returns

    One rainy day a boy named Jacob and his grandad were going through the attic when Jacob found a top hat.
    “Ah let me tell you about that hat,” said grandad…
    It all started with a little boy called Ben who loved electricity and thought he was Nicola Tesla’s no.1 fan. One day Ben and his dad, John, were also going through the attic when they found three books; all the books had a similarity, they all had a map of an island, a secret island. Ben had an idea that if they rip all the maps out and use the light and bearings to make a new map they could find out where Tesla is.
    Ben and his dad rented a boat from Chile. At first, they were really impressed with their ride until they realised that they were going to ride a boat with half a broken propeller and a rusty steering wheel. On the journey there, they got trapped in a storm with swirling, swishing waves and howling winds and worst of all the crashing lightning and the booming thunder.
    When they finally arrived on the seashore, they found themselves on a greasy, sandy and rocky beach. Where they on the forgotten or even secret island? Suddenly Ben spotted an entrance. They both went through and just when they thought to leave, their brains said, “we’re staying to find Tesla then.” They then saw a campfire and both said “Tesla,” at the same time.
    When they eventually found where the smoke was, they thought right, it was Tesla but not normal Tesla because this time he was made from cogs, rusty cogs. “Ah hello there mister,” said John “we were looking for you. Are you mister Tesla?”
    “Why yes I am,” he replied. “Why are you here then?” he also asked, looking puzzled.
    “We are here to rescue you,” Ben said reassuringly.
    “Better be quick the island’s filling with water.”
    As soon as Ben heard that, there was a rumbling noise. At first he didn’t know what it was but then KABLOOSH a giant gust of water spurted out of the ground and soaked all of them. Ben suddenly had an idea of how to get off the island. After he explained his idea of an electric motorboat Tesla started to build. Ben and John turned around for a split second and he was already done.

    All of them quickly jumped on and by the time they got back to Chile it was already 3:00 in the morning. They both turned around to find Tesla disintegrating and muttering “The island kept me alive. Your world doesn’t have the island’s molecules so I sacrificed myself for you.” On his last words his hat fell on Ben and he said, “thank you.”

    As grandad finished the story Jacob said “Is that story real? And who is Ben, is he alive today?”
    “Yes, he is very old and standing right in front of you.”
    “Grandad are you Ben?” As Jacob said that Grandad winked and said
    “Yes, and maybe you’ll go on an adventure like me, some day.”


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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