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A day in the life of a student teacher on placement

Nov 1st 2022

Hi, I’m Sophie and I am an Ignite Schools Direct Associate Teacher.

Since starting my Primary PGCE in September, I have been at university, on subject training days and observing and teaching in my placement school. I am loving my placement and I’m glad that the school’s direct route got me straight into the classroom in week one. This helped me to feel a part of my placement school and to get to know the children in my class, rather than starting at school once everyone was already settled.

After observing for a week in my placement classroom, I began my training with the other ATs at schools in my alliance. We have a number of training days throughout the year dedicated to professional development and subject knowledge. Alongside days of learning in the classroom, we engage with high-quality learning and development courses that enhance our practice and curriculum knowledge.

I have really enjoyed these days so far, especially the day focused on positive behaviour management and the days building my English and Maths subject knowledge and understanding of the Curriculum. There is so much to learn about how we teach but being secure in what we teach has also been really valuable for me within the classroom. My subject knowledge days, where I have been going over grammar rules and maths concepts have reminded me of how I fell in love with learning and how I want to encourage that love in children.

In my English training with The Literacy Company, I have really enjoyed seeing the passion with which English is taught. The beautiful stories and the care with which they are taught have inspired me to encourage children to enjoy reading and writing in school and for pleasure.

A Day in My Life as a Student Teacher:

8:00: Arrive at my placement school

8:15: Check in with my class teacher about the plan for the day

8:45: Welcome the children into the classroom and take the register

9:00: Go over to EYFS to observe a phonics lesson

9:45: Go back to my year 6 class and listen to individual children read

10:15: Shadow my class teacher’s break duty outside

13:00: Teach an RE lesson on the value of music in Christianity

14:00: Observe and help with a PE lesson on basketball attacking skills.

15:00: Prepare for the end of the day

15:15: Dismiss the children


15:30: Meet with my class teacher to discuss my progress and reflection on the week

16:00: Complete my lesson evaluation and prepare for the next day

16:30: Leave school for the day and collapse at home!


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