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Answering your questions about Set 2

Oct 27th 2022

If you have seen us on social media talking about the release of Pathways to Write Set 2, then you are probably wondering what it is and how it might work for you. We thought we would break down this brand-new set of units and how you can use them if you are new to the Pathways to Write methodology or if you are a well-established school using our resources already.

What is Pathways to Write Set 2?

Set 2 is a brand-new version of Pathways to Write which you can use to tailor a bespoke literacy curriculum within your school. This means you can purchase a set of themed units or one singular unit (exclusive to Pathways to Write schools). You can use a set 1 or set 2 unit depending on a particular class or year.

What can I expect from Set 2?

This second set links with a wider range of the curriculum and helps pupils to write with greater passion and purpose. The texts are chosen to link with significant Black figures, environmental heroes, historical figures and events (Great fire of London, Beowulf, Ancient Chinese myths, Ancient Greek myths) and geographical topics (London, Rivers, Journeys).

I already have the core Pathways to Write, what happens now?

If you have the original Pathways to Write, you can add to this by purchasing up to 36 new units to enable you to refresh your English curriculum. As a thank you for your support, we will also be giving you a discount for set 2.

Do I have to buy the full/key stage package of Pathways to Write Set 2 like the core package?

No. You have the opportunity to buy 1 unit (exclusive to Pathways to Write schools), themed units or the full package.

How will implementing new units affect the delivery of skills?

The units are aligned in skills so for each half-term you have the choice of 2 units. This means the skills and methodology in Pathways to Write remain intact, as will your results.

Who are these designed for?

Set 2 has been designed for teachers who may have been teaching the same Pathways to Write units for several years and would like a change; schools looking for specific themes within the curriculum and schools looking to create greater diversity within their curriculums. We also want the programme to feel more bespoke to each school and their own requirements.

Do you have any advice for schools using Pathways to Write mixed aged planning?

Mixed age versions of set 2 Pathways to Write units are currently being written and will be ready for schools in the spring term.

I have other Pathways Literacy products, how will this new set link with your other programmes?

For now, we would recommended that you continue to use Pathways to Read, Pathways to Spell and Pathways to Progress in their current form. Updated versions of these products are being written throughout 2023 and we will let you know about their availability in due course.

If you have any more questions about set 2, you can send them to our email here or send us a tweet @TheLCUK.