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Book Review: Big Cat by Emma Lazell

Nov 11th 2019

Big Cat is a beautifully illustrated book that will appeal to readers from age 3 to 6. It tells the story of a grandma, some missing glasses and a stray cat who turns out to be not quite what he seems!

This is a story that children will love from start to finish as the characters and setting are very familiar and it is laden with humour. Grandma’s pet cats do not take to their new visitor very well and the illustrations showing their facial expressions and their comments on banners add an extra hilarious dimension to the story.

There is so much to talk about throughout this story and so many opportunities for predicting what might come next as you turn the pages. Children won’t fail to miss the humour as the tiger in the book reads ‘A Tiger Came to Tea.’ Each illustration is so detailed that every time you read it you will spot something different to talk about. A book that should be in every child’s home and one that will surely become a classic!

Young children will adore the characters in the book and discovering something new each time this book is read. They can also be encouraged to join in with parts they are familiar with. We plan to use this book to engage with reluctant writers through our EYFS twilight sessions and think it will be perfect to get children enthused about writing for different purposes. There are also numerous opportunities to enhance children’s learning within the stages of Development Matters and links to made with role play, small world, art and crafts, music and physical development to name a few. Tiger tea party anyone?

Big Cat by Emma Lazell

Pavilion Books £6.99

ISBN 978-1-84365-401-8