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Book review – ‘Blue’ by Britta Teckentrup

Nov 19th 2020

Sometimes we all feel a bit blue. Sometimes we know what has triggered it: an argument, bad result or a disappointment maybe. We may feel down for a while and want to retreat from the world until something makes us feel better and we get over it.

Sometimes though we don’t know what has caused it. We just feel low and we can’t shake it. We can’t seem to help ourselves. When we wake up and we do not feel better, it can be hard to know how to recapture the old us. And the longer it goes on, the more isolated we can become as others struggle to understand how to help us.

This is what has happened to Blue, the central character, in this warm, loving tale. He is alone and sad. He cannot connect with the birds who used to be his friend. He does not know how. He has slipped down into the dark depths of the Great Tree and can not find his way out.

Until Yellow arrives. Yellow understands patience. Yellow understands how to give hope. Yellow offers a friendly hand out of the darkness and, as Blue takes it, he gradually remembers how colourful life can be.

A beautiful tale that teaches us how simple kindness is sometimes all it takes to make a world of difference.

Blue by Britta Teckentrup

ISBN: 978-1408355961 Orchard Books £6.99