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Book Review: The Wonder of Trees by Nicola Davies and Lorna Scobie

Jan 17th 2020

We love Nicola Davies’ books. Especially her style of nature storybook. We love how they make us think. Particularly how they develop our social conscience. We love how we learn a little bit more about the world we live in.

The Wonder of Trees does not disappoint.

The theme of this book is how miraculous trees are; the role they play in nature’s communities; how they are different across the world and why we must look after them. It is a must-have book for classes who are interested in biology, ecology, plants and animals.

This book can be used right across a primary school for a range of different purposes. It would be an exceptional floor book for EYFS to pour over with a friend. It fits perfectly for Y1 and Y2 science on types of trees, habitats and plants. In terms of word reading, it is most suited to KS2 and could be used for researching and knowledge building in science and geography. This book would be a beautiful addition to any library or entrance hall display – it’s one of those books you want to keep picking up and skimming through.

The layout of ‘The Wonder of Trees’ is perfect for pupils learning the skills of reading and writing non-fiction. A clear glossary at the back supports vocabulary development. Sub-headings and questions lead you through the book and each page has an introduction explaining the purpose of the information on that page. The style of the writing is lively and interesting with facts and knowledge written in an accessible manner. The sub-headings draw you in: ‘Go red for birds’, Trees against climate change’ and ‘Bears in glasses’. Lorna Scobie’s illustrations are just stunning! They clearly illustrate the information being described in the paragraphs but are also vivid enough for non-readers to gain an understanding.

At the end of the book, there is a section on tree conservation and how to plant trees. It has realistic recommendations to excite and involve children in looking after and planting trees, literally anywhere. The book finishes with ‘Never forget, people need trees!’ People also need this book about trees!

We will be sharing this book as part of our Pathways to Write units with an environment theme. For 2020, we have written 6 units of work related to current, critical environmental themes, including climate change, single-use plastic, deforestation and the problems our oceans face. Developing cultural capital and citizenship, these units cover a range of national curriculum subjects as well as following our mastery approach. They are perfect for a whole school project with English at the core.

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The Wonder of Trees

by Nicola Davies (Author), Lorna Scobie (Illustrator)

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

ISBN-13: 978-1444938197