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Oakfield Primary School – Pathways to Read – Case Study

About the school: Deprived area – 55% pupil premium. 2 x Speech and language bases. (KS2 base following Pathways) Halton.

Number of classes: 16 (9 Using P2R currently) 

Number on roll: 324

The Challenge:

We chose Pathways to Read because we needed to gain consistency in teaching reading and to support progression throughout the year groups.

Previously, some reading skills were covered more than others, with reading being taught in a range of ways in different year groups.

Mastery Approach:

The children have enjoyed the Pathways to Read units – children like Pathways lessons.

Children are aware of the key skills of reading and reading data shows an increase of 10% meeting expected standard since the implementation of Pathways to Read.

The Impact:

Teachers are more confident in the progression of skills across the year groups.

The progression document is excellent for differentiating for children who struggle with comprehension. It is excellent that many key skills are taught in a lesson – regular read and retrieve practice has benefitted our pupils. Pathways to Read has been great for teacher workload and allows us to be consistent as a team.

Pathways to Read was easy to implement using the training videos provided and the key documentation. All PowerPoints and planning are included which has given us a consistent approach to reading across the year groups. All the units have great cross-curricular links and work well with the Pathways to Write lessons. The reading lessons give children the knowledge which they can then use in their writing lessons and vice versa. Spring to Spring progress shows 10% increase in children meeting the expected standard since using Pathways to Read.
Oakfield Primary School