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Hartford Primary School- Pathways to Progress – Case Study

About the school:

School context and location: Primary/Hartford, Northwich, Cheshire.

Free school meals %: 7%

Number on roll: 415

Number of classes: 14

Mastery Approach: 

At Hartford Primary School we have adopted the Pathways to Progress Scheme (P2P) to run alongside our Pathways to Write (P2W) English sessions.  At the beginning of each academic year, those children struggling with any aspect of their writing are quickly identified and each class teacher then puts them in a “Pathways to Progress” group.

The groups are small (no more than 10 children) and the class Teaching Assistant runs at least two weekly sessions with this group following the scheme.  We have found that the skills taught within the scheme link completely to the skills being taught in the “usual” English lessons.  We therefore make sure that the P2P group “meets” before the next English lesson and are taught the skills prior to the rest of the class.

This ensures that those children are as confident as possible within the English lessons and are able to join in with a growing sense of achievement.  This confidence grows further as the term progresses as the children in the P2P group follow the scheme as a whole module.

The Impact: 

The impact on these children has been very positive.  Their increase in confidence has been clear throughout the English sessions with the rest of the class and it can be seen within their work that the skills they were missing are being identified sooner and practised effectively.

The majority of the children in the P2P group join in with whole class discussions much more and enjoy the lessons having gained a growing determination.  If it is felt that further work is needed with any of the children then it’s easy to repeat a particular lesson as a one off and continue to “plug” that gap accordingly.

Our current Year 3 class has already shown a 15% increase in those children predicted to get expected compared to those same children at the end of Year 2.

What would you say to other schools? 

I would certainly recommend P2P to any other school as, given the time and resources needed, standards in English are definitely raised.  The main advice would be to make sure that those tasked to deliver the sessions have been given enough time to become familiar with it and to ensure that the class teacher and TA work together to discuss each individual child in terms of their progress.

The resources are very clear, easy to photocopy if needed and the Literacy Company themselves are always at the end of the phone line and respond quickly to any emails.

Hartford Primary School