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Lindow Community Primary School – Pathways to Read – Case Study

About the school: A one-form-entry primary school in Wilmslow, Cheshire

Number of classes: 7

Number on roll: 196

The Challenge:

Having followed Pathways to Write for a number of years, our pupils have developed a real enthusiasm around writing through the text-rich curriculum and wonderful world of exciting picture books that The Literacy Company has planned for. Not only the vocabulary in the books themselves, but the language and phrasing that children choose to use to respond to their learning is sophisticated, mature, and carefully considered with that real life purpose of all tasks such a strength. As a consequence, we would very much consider ourselves a ‘Pathways’ school and were curious about Pathways to Read. We have long followed the suggested reading books that sit alongside each unit and wanted to ensure that our reading was as carefully sequenced and progressive as our writing. Pathways to Read ensures full coverage of the content domains with quality talk around rich language at the core.

A repertoire of activities and tasks are used at all levels throughout the scheme and they therefore become familiar to children who know how to explore and clarify vocabulary meanings, predict, read & retrieve and read & respond by utilising their mastery keys. It is so well-resourced for teachers and pupils alike and has been a real asset in our mission to ensure children can write as readers and read as writers by seeing the reciprocity between these two key areas of their learning.

Mastery Approach:

Pupils at Lindow love reading! Pathways to Read reveals bit by bit more of a story or text and we have children throughout the school reading along to shout the speech of characters and bring the texts to life! It leaves children guessing and, so often, asking for more to find out what will happen next! Children talk about the books they have enjoyed and they all have fond memories of favourite books from classes gone by. In KS2, the wording of the questions is carefully considered to ensure children can grapple with the language of reading comprehension and build strategies for how to retrieve from the text. This has supported children’s success at their end points with the confidence to apply what they know in formalised assessments. 

The Impact:

Teachers at Lindow love Pathways to Read. It is so well-resourced to support them to be ready for lessons and to be confident to explain in depth desired responses and therefore model skills and strategies to use. The planning of reading skills across the year for a class ensures full coverage of all reading domains. What we love most are the links to the writing units, which teachers can so easily draw upon to embed key skills.

Pathways to Read has been a wonderful asset in our teaching of reading at Lindow.

It has elevated the profile of reading and has ensured not only full coverage of reading content domains but also an enriching and varied reading diet of fiction, non-fiction, and classical texts. It ensures children are exposed to texts beyond their natural repertoire of book choices. It complements our writing curriculum in all aspects and has clear links with the wider curriculum that we have built around this. We are excited by the prospects of Pathways to Read 2!

Lindow Community Primary School