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Middle Street Primary School – Pathways to Progress – Case Study

About the school:

  • Brighton and Hove – City centre/Urban.
  • 7% Pupil Premium
  • 5% SEN
  • High levels of additional need and some significant mobility.
  • Free school meals %: 32.7%

3/7 teachers ECTs in the academic year 2023/24

Number on roll: 255

Number of classes: 7

Mastery Approach: 

Small group delivery as part of our Intervention and Support Programme:

  • Sessions delivered by teaching assistants in collaboration with class teachers
  • 3 x 20 minutes sessions per week
  • Targeted skills identified from assessments during pupil progress meetings to ensure individual and group needs addressed through the delivery of specific modules.

Whole class delivery:

  • Sessions delivered by class teachers.
  • 5 x sessions per week
  • Face to face training and facilitated planning sessions

Specific modules targeted at addressing gaps identified in moderation sessions – aimed at facilitating accelerated progress.

The Impact: 

Pupils’ attitudes to writing have improved, especially in those that find writing particularly challenging. Small group work has supported pupils in gaining confidence and skills that they have successfully transferred into the classroom.

Writing outcomes across the school, since implementation of Pathways, evidences an entirely positive picture. Pathways to Progress is a contributing factor to this improvement. For example:

  • 10% increase of pupils working at Greater Depth across Key Stage 2.
  • 8% increase of pupils working at the expected standard or higher at Key Stage 1.

Pupil Voice:

“I like being in Julie’s group (TA). She shows me cool words to use in my stories that make them sound super interesting. (Y3)

“It helps me remember to use inverted commas when someone is speaking in my writing”. (Y4)


What would you say to other schools? 

The implementation, supported by high quality training and support has been straight forward and one of the most effective intervention and support activities implemented in the last 2 years – in terms of impact on outcomes. The seamless alignment with other Pathways programmes is a huge benefit but not essential.

As a leader I am confident that the programme ensures our English intervention and support programmes are not just fit for purpose but one of the huge strengths of this part of our work.

The implementation was straightforward and once in place is an adaptable programme that meets the changing and specific needs of our challenging cohorts well.

Middle Street Primary School