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Ridgewood Community High School – Pathways to Progress – Case Study

About the school:

School context and location: Generic special secondary.

Free school meals %: 111%

Number on roll: 185

Number of classes: 17

Mastery Approach: 

We are a generic special secondary school where the pupils are working at primary level.

We run Pathways to Progress as an intervention during English lessons. Each group work on their pathways once a week. They work with an assigned member of staff for that group so it might be the teacher or a TA.

The groups are all working on a different level (one group year 1 summer 2 another year 3 spring 1 etc) dependent on where they’re working at.

A session in the programme may not be covered in one day, it might stretch over 2 sessions.

The Impact: 

The pupils enjoy working through it. They like that they work in small focussed groups and practice the things they struggle with.

What would you say to other schools? 

It’s very easy to set up and implement- it’s scripted so support staff don’t need to plan…it’s done for you!

Ridgewood Community High School