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Rode Heath Primary School – Pathways to Write – Case Study

About the school: Rode Heath Primary School, near to Alsager

Number of classes: 7

Number on roll: 214

The Challenge:

Prior to implementing Pathways to Write, we have always had exceptional data at the end of our Key Stages, however, there was a slight dip in our Y6 GAPs scores. The teaching of grammar and punctuation was good, but it wasn’t explicitly aligned to our writing sessions and I wanted to address this issue. We chose Pathways to Write’s mastery approach to our writing because we believe in the principles behind it. Mastery teaching in all areas of the curriculum is clearly defined in the school and we approach all subjects with this approach in mind.

Mastery Approach:

Pathways to Write has had a significantly positive impact on our writing curriculum. Through observations this year and comments made by external partners, it is clear that children have an excellent attitude to writing in our school. Having high-quality picture books and carefully thought-out planning and tasks has really helped to captivate the children. The writing outcomes are very strong, and we are significantly above the national expectations for writing. We are also predicting that our GAPs scores will be very strong, too. There is a greater level of consistency with teaching and with the progression of skills being taught. The children are now taught grammar alongside the writing and this has helped them to recognise the link between using grammatical techniques and the composition of writing. The vast majority of children enjoyed the books and enjoyed the tasks. They were able to articulate what skills they have been taught and could draw upon previous learning experience when asked specific questions. This was commented upon in our most recent OFSTED inspection (March 2024) where we went from a Good to an Outstanding school.

The Impact:

Teachers have a greater level of confidence when it comes to teaching the small steps and their subject knowledge has improved significantly. They have commented upon how the scheme has cut down their workload and given them more freedom to plan for individual learners as opposed to finding resources.


We would highly recommend Pathways to Write to any school.

It is very easy to implement, hits all of the objectives for writing but also speaking and listening too. It develops confidence and allows for creativity.

It is very cost-effective and has helped us to not only maintain our high standards but also contributed to us becoming an Outstanding school.

If you are looking for cross-curricular links then look no further. You really do have the freedom to tailor your writing curriculum to fit the needs of your school.

Rode Heath Primary School