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St Catherine’s RC Primary School – School Support – Case Study

About the school

School context and location: Didsbury, Manchester (two form entry school from Nursery to Year 6)

Number on roll: 423

Why The Literacy Company?

We originally chose The Literacy Company to support us due to being impressed with training we attended on Pathways to Write.

We chose to adopt Pathways to Write for the following reasons:

  • Progression and age-appropriateness of genre sequencing
  • High-quality texts (which have really interested and engaged our children)
  • Development of key skills through Gateway, Mastery and Feature Keys
  • Variety of writing tasks and increase in shorter writing tasks rather than just long writing tasks
  • Comprehensive overview for planning including vocabulary and working wall ideas

We chose to then adopt Pathways to Read for the following reasons:

  • Links to Pathways to Write texts
  • High-quality texts (which have really interested and engaged our children)
  • Flexibility to facilitate as group or whole class guided reading
  • Reading domains used

We have also utilised moderation support through The Literacy Company which has been a great help in identifying next steps for children’s writing as well as increase accuracy of assessment.

The Impact:

Planning and delivery of our writing and reading curriculum is now much more consistent and progressive, and our reading and writing curriculum is much more interlinked and purposeful. Teacher workload has reduced from a planning perspective thanks to the supporting materials, which are particularly helpful for new teachers to our school. Children’s knowledge of different genres is now age-appropriate and progressive throughout the school.


The Literacy Company’s team are friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. The Pathways Literacy programmes are well resourced, high quality and easy to implement with consistency across the school, as well as being good value for money.

St Cathines RC Primary School