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Worple Primary School – Pathways to Progress – Case Study

About the school:

School context and location: Isleworth, London.

Free school meals %:  26%

Number on roll: 214

Number of classes: 8 – Nursery – Y6

Mastery Approach: 

Pathways to Progress is currently delivered to small groups. Most classes have sessions which begin at 8.30 (before school), Tues, Wed, Thurs. These are run by TAs and follow the full module programme. During the school day, in some classes the teachers run extra P2P sessions for other groups, with targeted skills.

CPD videos were used lots when we began the programme, but as staff have become more skilled, experienced and confident they use the videos less. On reflection, I will be building in CPD time for everyone to revisit the videos. This will ensure fidelity and accuracy.

The Impact: 

Pupils feel more confident around the basics. They often ask to use their P2P books for reference in their whole class lessons. P2P is a great pre-teaching tool. Pupils are writing more in whole class lessons and the quality is good.

End of KS1 writing results:

  • 2022 50% EXS and above
  • 2023 66% EXS and above

End of KS2 writing results:

  • 2022 67% EXS and above
  • 2023 77% EXS and above

Pupil voice

Children love the books, are able to refer to the mastery keys to explain their learning.

They refer to the working walls and use technical vocabulary when talking about their writing.

What would you say to other schools? 

P2P runs alongside the P2W whole class programme very well. It is an excellent way to pre-teach less confident pupils so that they approach whole class lessons with confidence.

The CPD materials (videos resources and scripts) are an excellent scaffold to support staff with subject knowledge and pedagogy.

Worple Primary School