May 2024 9

The EEF states that ‘reading is important because it enables children to learn across the curriculum and access numerous aspects of daily life. It is a necessary, lifelong skill that provides comfort, improves concentration and focus, and gives children knowledge to understand and talk about the world around them’.

Join Louise on the 9th of May to find out what progressive development in reading looks like and how you can monitor this effectively. We will share success stories from other schools and a range of different models for delivering successful reading lessons based on Pathways to Read. Looking at our progression in skills document, we will exemplify how both shared and grouped reading sessions focus on the key skills of prediction, vocabulary, retrieval and inference. The webinar will clarify how the programme emphasises reading fluency and comprehension skills through engaging texts allowing pupils to master key reading skills across the year.

If you want to find out how to deliver progressive development of reading skills, sign up for your place today! Whether it is how to enhance your lessons or finding out more about Pathways to Read, you are guaranteed to leave with some new insights around your reading lessons.


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