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Jul 2023 6

Enhance your English curriculum and elevate your students’ writing skills with Pathways to Write! Join our webinar, where we will provide insights and practical tips to refresh your English teaching approach.

During the webinar, you will gain access to expert guidance on strategically choosing books that integrate relevant themes into your curriculum. We will introduce you to our Pathways to Write books, highlighting the reasons behind their effectiveness in fostering creativity and enhancing writing proficiency.
Discover the power of a thematic approach across your entire school. Learn how it promotes collaboration and creates a cohesive learning environment.
Additionally, we will emphasize the importance of reading as a catalyst for curriculum refreshment. Unlock a range of practical hints and techniques for incorporating impactful reading activities that inspire and engage your students.

You will also find out how Pathways to Read and Pathways to Write link, allowing you to create a well-rounded literacy development program.

The webinar also includes an interactive Q&A session, allowing you to address any queries or concerns directly to our specialist Allison Riley.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revitalize your English curriculum. Reserve your spot below.


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