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Flappily Ever After by Sophie Riches

Jan 4th 2021

A heart-warming story about a family who are proud to be different. This book written by Sophie Riches, a year five pupil at Kelsall Primary School, beautifully illustrates that families can be different and that, it might take a little while, but eventually everyone can be accepting…even ostriches!

The book tells the story of a flock of ostriches who each pair off with a mate. Ollie and Jack, the heroes of this tale, enjoy each other’s company; they eat, drink, nest and even look after an egg (a stone!) together. However, the other male and female ostrich pairs make fun of them – they don’t understand why two males have paired. They belittle Ollie and Jack and laugh at their egg.

Without giving away the ending, you can be reassured it all ends flappily! Even ostriches can change their ways.

If you are wanting to show your children that families can be different and encourage understanding, then this is the perfect book. Well-paced and lively, this book keeps you hooked right to the end. Delightful illustrations are peppered throughout the book to create likeable and believable characters.

Expect to learn a lot about ostriches – Sophie is clearly an expert. She quotes at the end of the book, ‘Words are powerful and must be used wisely’ – this is a lesson we could all learn from. Sophie has certainly used them wisely in this remarkable tale.

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