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We have joined forces with our friends at Gluu and Inspire.Education who would like to tell you more about their fantastic work with schools. Tara Jones and Christine Major from Gluu created this blog for us.

‘Bringing your curriculum to life’

Inspire.Education aims to ignite children’s love of learning through immersive, cross-thematic environments that map to the curriculum and develops their mastery in reading and writing.

Luke Whitehouse, the former teacher and founder of Inspire.Education, is a doctor of learning and he set out to create an environment where his students could contextualise humanities while consolidating and extending their skills in reading and writing.
And so, the inspire ‘scenes’ were born!

Students take a journey through time, finding themselves immersed in distant lands at various points in history. Surrounded with texts, artefacts and multimedia, they are challenged to acquire knowledge from their reading through to complex writing tasks pulling on a wealth of their observations, opinions and reflections.

We think there are many great opportunities to combine mastery of literacy with the humanities – indeed the new Ofsted Inspection Framework is encouraging it. So, we’ve teamed up with The Literacy Company to create a module of content and it is AVAILABLE FOR FREE during school closures!

Join us on Thursday 9th July at 1.30pm for a FREE webinar when we can take a deeper dive into the Literacy Company and Inspire.Education co-venture! We’ll take a good look what the combined resources can do and how it can be used alongside Pathways to Write, with your school ‘s current curriculum and critically how this resource has responded to school closures.

Find out more about Inspire.Education here.