Pathways to Read

Pathways Literacy products are programmes for schools to support whole school development of English. Written by experienced English consultants, these high-quality programmes for reading and writing will inspire pupils and teachers alike. Pathways Literacy comprises of four outstanding products: our award-winning Pathways to Write, Pathways to Read, our catch-up programme Pathways to Progress and our support package for learning at home Pathways to Home Learning.

Pathways to Read is a brand-new programme designed to equip pupils from Year 2 onwards with key skills to move them through the reading process towards becoming competent and fluent readers. To support this approach, clear detailed lesson plans and resources are linked to high-quality texts. Pathways to Read ensures engaging and purposeful reading lessons.

The units can be used thematically alongside our award-winning programme Pathways to Write to encourage a whole school curriculum approach with the opportunity for topics to link across all year groups. Both programmes compliment one another. However, they can both be used successfully as a stand alone programme.

Key elements of Pathways to Read:

  • Six detailed units of work for each year group from Year 2 to Year 6
  • Progressive development of reading skills following a mastery approach
  • Flexible combination of whole class and grouped reading sessions
  • Progression document to support mixed-age classes
  • Inspiring and engaging texts
  • Fully resourced sessions, including teacher PowerPoints for whole-class reading sessions
  • Develops reading comprehension skills through the mastery approach
  • Links creatively to the wider curriculum when combined with our Pathways to Write product

Whole School - £1595 (+ VAT)

The package includes 30 detailed units of work, six for each year group from Year 2 to Year 6. Each unit comprises detailed whole class and grouped reading sessions with effective questions and suggested answers provided; pupil resources for the session and follow-on activties; and teaching PowerPoints for each whole class reading session.

Further documents within the package to support the effective implementation of Pathways to Read include: year group overview grids detailing the reading skills taught each half term, documentation to support ‘Progression in Reading Skills’ from Y1 to Y6 which can be used to support pupils reading at different standards. Also, included with the package is an introductory training video to support successful implementation of the package in school.

Please email for further details.


Pathways to Read follows a mastery approach to learning with three categories of skills developed each half term:

  • Ongoing skills - linked to text choices and achieved through selection of teaching activities
  • Core skills - prediction, vocabulary development and retrieval
  • Mastery skills - 2-3 objectives are focused on for pupils to master over the course of the half-term


Each Pathways to Read unit consists of six whole class reading sessions following the four-part structure:

- Predict

- Clarify vocabulary

- Read and retrieve

- Read and explain

The core elements of each session are prediction, developing pupils' vocabulary and retrieval. The 'Read and explain' part of the lesson is the mastery focus for the majority of sessions.

Grouped reading sessions follow each whole class session with a mastery focus, with a specific focus on the mastery learning and providing pupils with the opportunity for discussion in smaller groups with an adult.

Follow on activities are provided following each grouped session for pupils to complete independently.

All sessions are fully resources and whole class session have a teacher PowerPoint to use as a visual aid for pupils.


    Year Group Packages

      Whole package (Y2 - Y6) - £1595 +VAT

      Individual year groups - £325 +VAT each

        Download a sample pack or If you would like to chat with one of our consultants about how Pathways to Read could improve reading outcomes in your school, contact for further details.