Subject Leader Area

Welcome to our Pathways to Write training area.

Here you will find access to our online training modules to support you in getting the best from Pathways to Write and provide you with materials for delivering staff training in school.

Please click on the links below to access your training module:

An Introduction to Pathways to Write - Free Training

Session 1: Understanding mastery

An Introduction to Pathways to Write - Full Training Package

Session 2: Teaching sequence and 'keys'

Session 3: Exploring 'Feature keys'

Session 4: Ensuring progression

Session 5: Mapping out the year

If you are interested in subscribing to the full training package at a cost of £200, please contact our Business Manager, Nicole Wright: .

How to use the modules:

Each module has a video for you to watch to support you as a subject lead in delivering training to your staff. Each training session will have supporting documents for you to download; you may wish to pause the video to read through key documents as you progress through the session.

You do not have to complete all the training sesssions at once: you can return to the videos as many times as you require. An approximate time for each training session is given; when delivering to staff remember to account for time to read through documents and discuss key points. You are permitted to show exerpts from the videos for staff training, but we do not recommend using the whole video as they are designed  as a supportive tools for subject leaders.

All materials are copyrighted and in purchasing Pathways to Write you have agreed not to share any of the materials associated with the package. This includes all training materials accessed through this secure member area. Please do not share any part of this training outside your own school.

You access to this online training will expire after 1 year.

If you have any problems with any of the modules, please let us know. We also offer in school support to our Pathways to Write schools if required, and our team can deliver training to your staff as a staff meeting or INSET. Please contact our Business Manager, Nicole Wright, to book bespoke training for your school: