Pathways to Progress – Writing Intervention Programme

A writing intervention programme designed to be delivered in addition to pupils’ English lessons.

High-quality, structured interventions

The programme is predominately aimed at pupils who are working just below age-related expectations and need to close gaps in their learning.

Enhancing progress in writing skills

Enhancing progress in writing skills

Targeted CPD

Pathways to Progress is designed to be facilitated by a teacher, teaching assistant or tutor and provides targeted CPD each half-term for the key skills to be taught.

The English intervention programme has been designed following recommendations from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) on running high-quality structured interventions (Improving Literacy in KS1 & Improving Literacy in KS2).

Consolidating objectives

The sessions will focus initially on consolidation of the previous year’s learning objectives but as the year progresses will support pupils in achieving age-related expectations. The lessons can be delivered 1:1 or with small groups of pupils. For pupils who are working significantly below expected standards for their year group, schools may wish to use modules from lower year groups to create a more bespoke intervention.

Key elements of Pathways to Progress

Pathways to Progress will give you the tools to help your pupils flourish in English. The small group setting ensures pupils make steady progress and allows pupils who are working below to feel more prepared for their English lessons. The resources will increase engagement and attitude towards learning by empowering the pupils with extra support.

3 x 30 minute sessions per week

Pathways to Progress follows a simple weekly structure to allow for simple integration.

Review and Teach

Each week starts with an opportunity to revisit and review prior learning. This may be a skill that needs to be secure for pupils to build on in the ‘Teach’ part of the session or may be a recap of a skill taught in a previous week of the module.


Pupils will be given activities that reinforce learning from session 1 and allow them to practise the focus skill. A limited number of activities requiring explanations will be used across the programme.


Every ‘Apply’ session should start with a writing warm-up activity. The purpose of this is to support pupils with the development of gross and fine motor skills required for writing.

Preview a sample CPD lesson

Year 5 Autumn 1 Module 1 – Use a range of conjunctions orally (before, after, when, while)

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Package pricing

Prices are subject to VAT.
Your year 1 price includes all of the resources for that package, plus 12 months access to the subject knowledge videos. If you would like to continue your access to the subject knowledge videos after the initial 12 months, the ongoing annual subscription price will apply. You can resubscribe to the subject knowledge videos at any time after your initial 12 month purchase.

Subscription Year 1 PriceOngoing annual subscription
Full package (year 1 - year 6)£1295£200
KS1 (year 1 - year 2)£495£75
KS2 (year 3 - year 6)£945£140
Single year group£275£40

Can my teaching assistant deliver these lessons?

Yes, the lesson plans have been designed to be facilitated by a teacher, teaching assistant or tutor. The CPD videos provide targeted CPD each half-term for the key skills to be taught. The CPD includes teaching strategies and subject knowledge for whoever is facilitating this programme.

Are the included videos for use in lessons?

No, these videos have been developed to teach key English subject knowledge and provide teaching strategies to aid in the teaching of the skills for the facilitator.

What is included in the subscription?

Year One subscription will include:
• Intervention planning and resources*
• 108 lessons and approx. 20 videos per year group
• Facilitator guide
• Full set of CPD videos, access for 12 months
• Introductory training session video

Ongoing subscription in subsequent years will include:
• Continued access to CPD videos
• Updates and additions

* Licence to continue using these materials is included beyond the one year subscription.

What is the best time to start with pupils who are working behind expected?

The autumn 1 modules have been designed for pupils who are working a little further behind as a springboard into the rest of the programme – focusing mainly on development of oral skills and handwriting.

Is there a focus on spelling within this intervention?

Summer 2 modules have been dedicated to working on spelling but could be used at anytime throughout the year. Instead of focusing purely on spelling in summer 2, you may wish to repeat previous modules for pupils who have still not fully mastered particular skills.

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