Pathways to Write – Curriculum for Wales

A writing programme for English-medium primary schools in Wales designed to equip pupils with key Languages, Literacy and Communication skills from Curriculum for Wales.

Supporting English-medium schools

The units, for use with pupils from progression steps 1 – 3, provide clear detailed lesson plans and resources, linked to high-quality texts to ensure engaging and purposeful lessons for Languages, Literacy and Communication lessons. Each unit of work incorporates teaching strategies designed to engage and challenge writers.

Structured and progressive approach

Languages, Literacy and Communication

This series of writing units for English-medium primary schools in Wales has a unique methodology that develop skills in Language, Literacy and Communication through the mastery approach. Each unit is centred around a picture book. Many of the texts chosen have a Welsh language version or additional recommended Welsh language text.

The units of work explore a thematic approach to teaching literacy and although they mainly focus on the ‘Languages, Literacy and Communication’ AoLE, they do have suggested links to the other five AoLEs. Comprising 15 sessions, the units allow for a flexible teaching approach designed to meet the interests and needs of your pupils; you may wish to spend longer on developing some of the writing opportunities. Clear skill progression has been developed within each progression step, ensuring teachers are able to develop competent writers.

Supportive and flexible

The units can be purchased individually or as a package with the full key document pack. The key document pack is also available to purchase independently of the units to provide a framework for the organisation and delivery of Languages, Literacy and Communication in Welsh schools.

Supporting documentation has been designed to support teachers in planning further units based on their class needs and interests. Further documentation within the package includes: Progression step overview, Methodology, Feature keys progression, Languages overview for Welsh schools, Writing overview for Welsh schools, Progression step overviews for steps 1, 2 and 3.

Progression and mastery

Within each unit, there are new skills for pupils to work on and master through a variety of activities and writing opportunities. By limiting the number of skills the units contain, pupils can really master their writing techniques, providing excellent, focused assessment opportunities for teachers.

For each Curriculum for Wales progression step there are opportunities for challenge and support depending on the age and ability of individual pupils. Across a year, pupils will have the opportunity to apply and master a range of Language, Literacy and Communication skills linked to writing.

Key elements of Pathways to Write

The programme allows for flexibility for your experienced teachers along with support for those less experienced and NQTs. 4 to 5 weeks of planning gives schools and teachers time to incorporate other themes and topics into the curriculum.

Three detailed units of work for each progression step

Built from statements of what matters and descriptions of learning

Units linked to engaging and diverse texts

Clear skill progression through the mastery approach

Links creatively to the wider curriculum

Challenges more able writers and easily adaptable for pupils working below

Uses a thematic approach with links to AoLEs

Content matched to meet the four purposes of learning

Additional Welsh language texts recommended

Ongoing support and contact with consultants

Includes independent learning opportunities

Clear modelled and shared writing examples

Package pricing

Prices are subject to VAT.

Single unit£30
Key document pack (£45 when bought with 3+ units)£60
5 units plus key document pack£195

How many Pathways to Write units for the Curriculum for Wales have been written?

Currently, there are 9 units. Three units for each progression step. There are enough for each progression step to have one per term.

How can I use the units?

You could complete a whole school project: several classes use the same unit e.g. Y1, Y2 and Y3 all use progression step 2 units. Everyone in the school produces writing on the same theme. Units could be used on a rolling programme to avoid repeating a text with a class. A themed unit could be chosen for each class e.g. Y1 – Diversity unit, Y2 – Environment and Y3 – Black lives (all progression step 2).

How can I develop my curriculum further using the units and documents?

The skills in each unit have been carefully mapped out to ensure coverage of the ‘descriptions of learning’ within each progression step. Currently there are 3 units for each progression step. You can choose additional texts to continue to plan using the same approach. The tracking documents and writing overview will enable you to choose the writing skills that need to be covered over a full year.

What is included in the key documents?

Languages Overview – covering all the descriptions of learning within the Languages, Literacy and Communication AoLE

Writing Overview – Writing skills broken down into smaller steps within each progression step

Feature keys document – progression in the features of writing genres

Progression step overviews of objectives

Methodology – to support using the units of work

Can I trial a unit?

Yes. One unit per school can be trialled at nil cost. Please get in touch with for a trial unit.

I am ready to teach Languages, Literacy and Communication lessons effectively.

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