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Pathways to Read for Year 1 is here!

Jan 6th 2023

We have created Pathways to Read units of work for year 1 to complement the current programme. We do recommend schools teach reading primarily through their chosen systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme. However, we recognise that schools may wish to teach their pupils a range of reading comprehension strategies alongside their SSP programme.

Our specialists have written six shared whole-class reading lessons per unit with corresponding follow-on tasks. The expectation is that you would use these with the whole-class once a week alongside grouped reading using books matched to pupils’ phonic ability.

The lessons follow the same format as other Pathways to Read plans and will foster a love of reading and support pupils in developing vital reading comprehension skills.

Four year 1 units have been produced for the spring and summer terms to build on reading skills learnt as part of phonics in the autumn term. Beautifully illustrated and engaging books have been chosen: two fiction and two non-fiction so that pupils experience reading a range of texts.

These units are now ready to order. If you are a current Pathways to Read school, you can purchase all four year 1 units for £100+VAT by emailing us your order here.
If you are a member of our Pathways Community, you can get these for only £75+VAT.