Pre-key stage exemplification
English language comprehension and reading
March 2019


  • The pre-key stage standards are provided for the statutory assessment of pupils engaged in subject-specific study, who are working below the overall standard of the national curriculum tests and teacher assessment frameworks.
  • The pre-key stage standards must be used to make statutory teacher assessment judgements for pupils who have reached the end of year 2 and end of year 6, when an outcome must be reported for school accountability purposes, but who have not completed the relevant national curriculum programme of study.
  • These exemplification materials provide examples to support teachers in making judgements against the pre-key stage standards at the end of the key stage. If teachers are confident in their judgements, they do not need to refer to this document.
  • Standards 1 to 4 are the same at key stage 1 and key stage 2. Only one example is given for each standard. Standards 5 and 6 (for year 6 pupils only) are not exemplified in these materials.