This unit of work is based on Alba The Hundred Year Old Fish by Lara Hawthorne, and also requires A Planet Full of Plastic by Neal Layton.

Alba spends her days collecting precious items that make their way to the ocean floor. But over time, Alba’s underwater home changes and becomes polluted with litter. This beautifully illustrated text tells the story of a little fish and how she helped to save her home: the coral reef. To extend pupils’ understanding of plastic pollution, this unit uses the additional text, ‘A Planet Full of Plastic’. This insightful non-fiction text explains how plastic was invented, why it doesn’t biodegrade and how this can be dangerous for humans and animals.

The unit of work explores a thematic approach to teaching languages and although mainly focuses on the ‘Languages, Literacy and Communication’ AoLE, it does have suggested links to the other five AoLEs. Comprising 15 sessions, the units allow for a flexible teaching approach designed to meet the interests and needs of your pupils.

To read more about our units linked to the Curriculum for Wales and the methodology of these units, please click here.

Mastery keys:

  • Use apostrophes for possession
  • Use nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, verb tenses appropriately
  • Use paragraphs and establish links between them
  • Us a varied, appropriate and precise vocabulary

Each unit covers a range of areas: 

  • Mastery of speaking and listening, vocabulary, reading and writing skills  
  • Writing in a range of purposeful genres – both fiction and non-fiction 
  • Opportunities for practising writing of previously taught genres 
  • An extended, independent piece of writing 
  • Suggestions for independent learning 
  • Links  

The units and texts link with a range of themes: 

  • Environmental issues in Wales 
  • A diverse society 
  • Celebrating Black lives 

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