EYFS to Year 6 – 21 Poetry Units Au2, Sp2 and Su2 Pathways to Poetry


These new and exciting poetry units comprise 21 units – 3 per year group EYFS to Y6  (if purchased as part of Pathways to Write this set aligns with Au2, Sp2 and Su2 core units). All aspects of poetry from the NC in reading, spoken language and writing composition will be covered across the full set.

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You will receive an email with a link to download the planning and resources booklet.

Autumn 2 units

EYFS      Creepy Crawly and Busy Bugs

Poetry linked to habitats and minibeasts with a class performance poem as the outcome

Year 1   There are no such things as Monsters

Poetry linked to monsters with a model poem using simple language patterns as the outcome

Year 2   The Owl and the Pussycat

Experimenting with words and structured language patterns linked to a classic poem

Year 3   Dance with me Autumn

A 5-couplet poem is the focus with an outcome about winter based on the structure of the autumn poem studied

Year 4   The Lost Lost Property Office

List poems based on lost things by Roger McGough and Michael Rosen are used as models for comparison, writing and performance

Year 5   Jinnie Ghost

Linked to the themes of night, moon and shadows; poetry by Berlie Doherty, Walter De La Mare, Lord Byron and Carol Ann Duffy are compared; a poem in the style of Berlie Doherty is the outcome

Year 6   A Tiger in the Zoo

Endangered animals are the focus for this poetry unit. A range of poetry is looked at including William Blake’s Tyger, Tyger and there is a focus on making effective language and authorial choices

Spring 2 Units

EYFS      The Farmyard

Poetry linked to farmyard animals with contributions to a class poem and a performance for an audience as an outcome

Year 1   At the Zoo

Pupils learn and investigate list poems on a variety of themes before writing their own about a visit to a museum

Year 2   Night Sounds

A focus on the senses and night-time, Berlie Doherty’s Night Sounds poem is used as a model for writing

Year 3   Amazing Mammals

Based on The Magnificent Bull from the Dinka Tribe; writing and performing a Dinka-inspired poem about the blue whale is the outcome

Year 4   Windrush Child

With links to the Caribbean and leaving home, Windrush Child by John Agard is the focus with an outcome of a free verse, narrative poem

Year 5   Our Wonderful World

The wider world is explored through a variety of poems; free verse describing the wonder of the world using metaphor is the outcome

Year 6   The Sea

A wide variety of poems are explored linking to the theme of the sea with an outcome of a narrative poem linked to a journey across the sea

Summer 2 Units

EYFS      Food

Poetry linked to fruit and vegetables is shared and a class poem created

Year 1   Senses

Senses vocabulary is explored to create a poem about fruit

Year 2   Fox!

Issues of acceptance, tolerance and respect for the environment are explored through wildlife poetry, leading to a short descriptive narrative poetry outcome

Year 3   Animals

Various concrete poems linked to animals are shared with the outcome of an individual concrete poem being created

Year 4   Look Closely

Various examples of Haiku are explored and written before being joined together with those of others to make a series of linked nature themed ‘renga’.

Year 5   Animals of Africa

Word play and puns are explored through a variety of engaging animal poetry to create a word play poem about an African animal

Year 6   Sonnets: The View from a Hot Air Balloon

Sonnets are explored with an outcome of a poem in the style of a sonnet