EYFS to Year 6 Sp1: Seven Poetry Units – Pathways to Poetry


These new and exciting poetry units are the first in a set of 3 released this year (if purchased as part of Pathways to Write this set aligns with spring 1 core unit). All aspects of poetry from the NC in reading, spoken language and writing composition will be covered across the full set. Summer 1 and Autumn 1 poetry units will be released in March and July 2021 respectively.

See the full details of each unit below.

You will receive an email with a link to download the planning and resources booklet.

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EYFS      Into the Pond!

With an outcome of writing a caption or simple sentence, this unit links to the theme of ‘falling into a pond.’ Various themes are explored including: the environment of a pond, safety and feelings.

Year 1   If I Had a Beak

Pupils study the language used in the poem and learn part of it. They compare it with similar poems found online by A.A. Milne. Using word-play and their senses, pupils imagine they had a beak of their own and even another nose! There are opportunities to discuss differences and uniqueness. They write additional lines for the poem.

Year 2   From a Railway Carriage

Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem is used for recital, vocabulary and comprehension work. This, a collection of images and the poem, What Can Eye Spy? inspires experimentation with words and structured language patterns to create a rhyming Bird’s-Eye View poem.

Year 3   The River’s Tale

By imagining the memories of the River Thames through drama, music and research, pupils write their own central part to the poem. With links to Stone Age history, they develop vocabulary and rhyme, writing noun phrases and using powerful past tense verbs in their work.

Year 4   The Roman Centurion’s Song

Pupils write, illustrate and present 5-line ‘cinquain’ poems about life as a Roman Soldier. They find language features in the poem by Kipling and analyse model cinquains, reciting in groups and developing their ideas through letter writing and list poems.

Year 5   Viking Kennings & Spells

In this unit, pupils experiment with metaphors to write kennings and create their own good luck spells for a Viking warrior. They imagine they are Viking poets or ‘Skalds’, exploring synonyms and finding language features in the poem before writing and performing their own.

Year 6   Guarding Secrets

Have you ever wished you were Mary Lennox, finding the old wooden door behind the ivy and creeping into a forgotten garden? This poetry unit will allow your pupils to enjoy and play with the beautiful language used by Francis Hodgson Burnett in her classic novel ‘The Secret Garden’. They will be able to create their own poems using a variety of poetry techniques about a forbidden and secret garden.

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