EYFS to Year 6 Su1: Seven Poetry Units – Pathways to Poetry


These new and exciting poetry units feature a range of poems from the book The Barefoot Book of Earth Poems complied by Judith Nicholls (if purchased as part of Pathways to Write this set aligns with the summer 1 core units). All aspects of poetry from the NC in reading, spoken language and writing composition are covered across the full set.

You will receive an email with a link to download the planning and resources booklet.

You may also like to consider our poetry units for autumn 2, spring 2 and summer 2.




EYFS Behold

Pupils engage with the outdoors and are encouraged to look with new and focused eyes at the wonder and detail of the world around them and to consider how it makes them feel. Phonic knowledge, speaking and listening and writing skills are developed throughout.


Year 1 I Spun a Star

In this unit, pupils use the night sky as inspiration to write a shared class alphabet poem. They add their own verse to a moonlight senses poem and make an imaginative ‘starry list’ verse for display, using -ed verbs.


Year 2 Father and I in the Woods

In this unit of work, pupils make nature-themed shape poems to add to a display. They focus on a woodland soundscape, experiment with words and think about the role of people in looking after our trees and wildlife.


Year 3 I Saw a Peacock

Pupils use ideas from this traditional trick poem as well as poetry and illustrations from The Barefoot Book of Earth Poems to write about an imaginary journey. They are inspired by Icelandic landscapes and surrealist art to create similes and investigate different forms for their nonsense-style poem.


Year 4 Look!

A poem about tropical fruit is the starting point for an exploration of the mighty trees of the rainforest and the life they support. Pupils use ideas from Grace Nicholls poem about Caribbean fruit to investigate their own favourite. They research the animals and sounds of the rainforest.  

Year 5 The Sun in Me

Through reading, comparing and exploring the vocabulary in a range of poems on the theme of countryside and nature, pupils appreciate the details in the natural world. They investigate literal descriptions and personification, using these techniques to create their compositions.


Year 6 For Forest

Imagine our natural world as a person with thoughts and feelings. Explore poems written For Forest and For Ocean with personification and imagery. Enjoy reading poetry by Grace Nichols, the renowned poet from Guyana.



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