Year 6 Su2: Icarus – Pathways to Home Learning


Pathways to Home Learning – Year 6 summer 2

£10 +VAT


These supportive, high quality resources have been produced in response to the demands placed upon schools due to school closures or year groups having to isolate. They have been written to correspond with English skills taught across all year groups from EYFS to Y6 in each half term. These units are also perfect for pupils absent from school or to support learning alongside the classroom as a homework package. If you are a Pathways to Write school these resources align with the themes and skills of the summer 2 Pathways to Write units.
Key Information:
•  Year 6 unit of work for summer 2
• Engaging reading and writing activities to last for 2 weeks for each unit
• No need to purchase books – high quality texts included in the package
• Supporting knowledge for parents
• Short bursts of independent activities clearly linked to key skills for each year group
£10 +VAT

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