Please note these purchases are dispatched from our office once the school name registered with the purchase has been approved as a Pathways to Write school. Please allow up to 2 working days for this process. 

These exemplifications will help you to guide judgements and give you a specific example of what to expect from your pupils’ work when using Pathways to Write. This would be a great resource to have on hand for all teachers and would offer support when moving year group or for an ECT.

This product has been developed in response to requests from our Pathways to Write schools and our team have worked hard to bring this vision to light alongside practising teachers.

Each half term at least one piece of short writing has been chosen as well as the final piece of writing at the end of the unit. Each piece of writing within the sample is labelled to show application of Mastery keys; Gateway keys and spelling are listed below each piece of written work. The collection shows how a pupil progresses over the year and builds up their writing skills to finally achieve expected standard in writing at the end of the year.

In addition to the assessment materials, we have created ‘Pathway’ documents to support staff with ‘what does writing throughout a unit look like’. This Y1 resource will show how teachers have interpreted the Pathways to Write units. These materials will support a range of teachers: those new to school, ECTs, teachers changing year groups. They will support with common questions: How much should pupils be writing? What should pupils record? How long should the Writeaway be? What would it look like? To see a sample of a Pathways to Write exemplification and ‘Pathways’ please see here.

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Coming Soon – our Pathways to Write Exemplification Materials: Greater Depth