Year 4: ‘Alba the Hundred Year Old Fish’ Environment themed unit – Pathways to Write


‘Protect our Planet’ is a collection of units designed to inspire children, through their writing in English, to explore environmental issues.

Develop spoken language, reading and writing skills through the theme of the environment with this unit based around ‘Alba the Hundred Year Old Fish’ by Lara Hawthorne and ‘A Planet Full of Plastic’ by Neal Layton.

The unit will give you:

  • Mastery approach to writing
  • Clear detailed lesson plans and resources, linked to high quality texts
  • Challenge for greater depth writers

£25 +VAT – offer price available until 31st July 2021


These units will:
• Provide an exciting summer project for whole school collaboration EYFS-Y6
• Support catch-up of key skills (unit adaptations are included to support key skills that may be missing)
• Enhance pupils’ understanding of environmental issues through English
• Support the wider curriculum
* NB If you are a P2W school, the skills for this set of units align with P2W summer 1. Summer 1 core units could be substituted for these as the same mastery skills will be covered alongside catch-up skills.
The units use inspiring texts designed to encourage pupils’ enjoyment and fascination in the world around them and the impact of humans on our planet. English skills are closely and creatively linked to the wider curriculum. Each year group’s fully resourced unit of work includes an array of opportunities to develop the skills of all writers and include adaptations for possible missed learning over the last year. Clear detailed lesson plans and resources, which develop spoken language, reading and writing skills through the mastery approach. Each unit will also provide effective teaching strategies to challenge greater depth writers.
Feedback about the ‘Protect our Planet’ units:
“The sequence and structure of the lessons and how you use several books to engage the children as well as video clips and research based lessons was great.” Newall Green Primary School, Wythenshawe.
“Loved all of the teaching ideas that will give children power to make change.” St Basil’s Catholic Primary School, Widnes
“Very current subject matter.” – Oakwood Avenue Community Primary School, Warrington
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