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This course explores the concept of Mastery in writing and recaps KS1 expectations. We suggest activities to help pupils build ideas and stamina and unpick what shared and guided writing should look like in the classroom by providing a model lesson.

Module 1: Mastery

  1. Course introduction
    Free preview
  2. Course resources
  3. What is mastery?
  4. Module 1: Evaluation

Module 2: Getting ready to write

  1. Focusing on the curriculum
  2. Breadth of genres
  3. The problem with composition
  4. Activities to encourage ideas
  5. Vocabulary
  6. Medium term planning
  7. Module 2: Evaluation

Module 3: The shared write

  1. Structuring a shared write
    Free preview
  2. Introducing book and objectives
  3. Recapping the skills
  4. Modelling a shared write
  5. Scribing
  6. After a shared write
  7. Guided writing
  8. Module 3: Evaluation

Module 4: Conclusion

  1. Final thoughts
  2. KS1 review and reflect
  3. Evaluation

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