This writing unit of work contains 20 sessions and will cover all of the key elements within the Y2 national curriculum programme of study for writing.

It will provide pupils with a wide range of writing opportunities whilst engaging them through the text Jack and the Baked Beanstalk by Colin Stimpson. There are clear links to the spelling, grammar and punctuation content that will support pupil knowledge and ensure they are ready for transition to Y3.
This take on the well-known fairy-tale is set in the 1950s with Jack and his mother running an American diner underneath a flyover. Business is suffering so in order to save their livelihood Jack’s mother asks him to buy the best coffee beans he can find. When he comes back with baked beans instead, she throws them out resulting in the growth of the beanstalk. Luckily, he finds a giant with excellent cooking skills at the top who might just be able to save the family business.

Writing Opportunities throughout the unit:

  • Character descriptions
    Statements about characters
    Questions to ask characters
    Soundscapes to describes scenes from the text
    Lists of jobs at the café
    Diary entry in role as character
    Setting descriptions
    Character comparisons
    Descriptions of events
    Speech bubbles to create dialogue
    Poster to advertise the café

Final Outcome:

  • To write their own version of Jack and the Beanstalk using Jack and The Baked Beanstalk as a model. The focus is on a change of workplace for Jack and his mum and consider the type of giant they would like to have in their version of the story.

The supporting texts for the units of work can be purchased at Peters Ltd.

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