This text based, 5 session English planning has pupils use their imaginations to invent their own monster. The poem is learned by heart with a focus on reading and making a list of words, exploring rhyme and decoding unfamiliar vocabulary.

All aspects of poetry from the national curriculum in reading, spoken language and writing composition will be covered across the full set Au1-Su2.

National curriculum skills for this unit:

Spoken language:

  • Listen and respond
  • Maintain attention and participate actively in collaborative conversations
  • Speak audibly and fluently

Reading comprehension:

  • Link what is read or heard to own experiences
  • Learn to appreciate rhymes and poems
  • Participate in discussion about what has been read to them

Writing composition:

  • Say out loud what is going to be written about
  • Compose a sentence orally before writing it
  • Read aloud their writing clearly enough to be heard by their peers and the teacher

For schools that use Pathways to Write, this unit aligns with the Au2 set 1 unit.

Poems for this unit can be found in:

Off By Heart by Roger Stevens