This unit of work is based on Storm Whale by Benji Davies. Noi is lonely when his father goes out to work but one day after a great storm he discovers a whale on the beach. He takes it home to look after it, trying to keep his new friend hidden from his father.

Mastery skills:

  • Punctuate sentences using a question mark and exclamation mark
  • Add suffixes for verbs where no change is needed to the root (-ed to show past tense)
  • Join words and clauses using and
  • Use a capital

Short writing opportunities:

  • Recount
  • Setting descriptions
  • Character descriptions

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What is a Stepping Stone?

Stepping Stones are our short term literacy plans for teachers which introduce our text-based mastery approach to writing.

Each plan comprises 15 sessions to teach a small number of key writing skills from the national curriculum. Throughout the unit of work, pupils are given the opportunity to repeatedly practise these skills through meaningful short pieces of writing linked to the text. This builds towards a final extended writing task in which pupils can apply the skills with confidence and independence.

Planning features:

  • Key activities for each session
  • Examples of grammar skills pupils are expected to use
  • Focus vocabulary and links to common exception words and
  • NC word lists
  • Essential resources included for the activities
  • The first session is a ‘hook’ for learning
  • Suggested challenges for those learners targeted to reach greater depth in writing
  • Opportunity for pupils to explore the genre of the final writing outcome in more detail

These plans will give you a flavour of our more comprehensive, award-winning writing programme Pathways to Write.