In this text based, 5 session English planning, issues of acceptance, tolerance and respect for the environment are explored through wildlife poetry. Pupils use film clips and sketching to develop vocabulary, observing how animals move and behave. They make a collaborative poem before refining ideas for their own version.

All aspects of poetry from the national curriculum in reading, spoken language and writing composition will be covered across the full set Au1-Su2.

National curriculum skills for this unit:

Spoken language:

  • Maintain attention and participate actively in collaborative conversations
  • Build vocabulary
  • Gain, maintain and monitor the interest of listener(s)
  • Speak audibly and fluently

Reading comprehension:

  • Listen to, discuss and express views about a wide range of contemporary and classic poetry, stories and non-fiction at a level beyond that which can be read independently
  • Discuss and clarify the meaning of words
  • Explain and discuss understanding of books, poems and other material

Writing composition:

  • Write poetry
  • Plan or say aloud what is going to be written about
  • Write down ideas, key words, new vocabulary
  • Make simple additions, revisions and corrections
  • Evaluate writing with the teacher and other pupils

For schools that use Pathways to Write, this unit aligns with the Su2 set 1 unit.

Poems for this unit can be found in:

I Am the Seed that Grew the Tree: A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year edited by Fiona Waters

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