School Support

We offer bespoke support and training for all schools. To ensure this support is tailored to the needs of your school, we offer a free initial consultation with head teachers, senior leaders or through cluster meetings. School support can be delivered in-school or online.

Delivering targeted training and support

Budget needs

We offer a range of support for clusters of schools including moderation or training around a key theme. Support can take the form of half days, full days or twilights depending on needs or budgets. We have many longstanding clusters that work with us and would be happy to share their experiences.

Common gaps

We can support teachers with the moderation of writing for their year group to ensure consistency across your cluster of schools. During half-day moderation sessions, teachers will be guided by STA trained consultants to focus on particular skills within their year group writing standards with a focus on addressing common gaps.

How can we support you?

We offer leadership support catered to your school’s requirements which can include deep dives into English books, book scrutinies, analysis of data and lesson observations. From these reviews, a customised package of support can be devised for your school.

This can include:

● Moderation support

● Curriculum development (including the Welsh curriculum)

● Action planning

● Policy development

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We offer support for teachers and teaching assistants to enhance the teaching of reading, writing and spoken language.

This can include:

● Moderation

● Planning support

● Lesson study and coaching

● Modelled lessons – shared reading, grouped reading, writing, phonics

● Adapting planning to suit needs

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We offer a range of training courses to suit your school’s needs which can be delivered as staff meetings, twilights and INSET training days.

These can include:

● Whole-class shared reading and guided reading

● Supporting with English subject knowledge

● Adapting planning to suit needs

● Challenging greater depth writers

● Ensuring a progressive spelling curriculum from year 1 – year 6

● Consistency with handwriting

● Pathways Literacy support

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We offer a range of English development packages to suit your cluster’s needs which can be delivered as half days, full days or twilight sessions. These cluster sessions provide an opportunity for teachers across your group of schools to work collaboratively, discuss standards and focus on improvement areas.

Effective cluster packages include:

● Year group moderation

● Challenging greater depth writers

● Engaging with a thematic approach e.g. Shakespeare, Black Lives, Environment

● Rapid progress in writing skills


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We offer a range of literacy workshops for pupils that develop a love of literacy, enhance reading and writing standards and provide a wealth of teaching strategies. During these workshops, our consultants guide pupils towards effective writing outcomes using a range of engaging texts and a variety of resources. Teachers gain professional development throughout the bespoke sessions.

These can include:

● Poetry workshops

● Challenging greater depth writers

● Thematic projects

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What happens next?

Step 1

Book a FREE no obligation call with one of our knowledgeable literacy consultants who will listen to your areas of concern and offer some advice. During this call, a plan of action will be devised.

Step 2

You accept our support offer and a firm action plan for your support is detailed with dates to suit your school’s schedule.

Step 3

Support is then delivered with clear communication between our consultants and your school’s team. After the support, we will continue to be on hand for any follow-up questions you may have.

Are you ready to develop the teaching of English across your school?

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Find a course to support your school

As well as in-person training, we offer online self-paced courses which can support your school with targeted CPD and strategies.