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The journey so far…

Nov 11th 2019

Monday 2nd September 2013, the first day of trading at The Literacy Company. On our first day we headed for Birmingham. Not only were we stepping out of our local authority roles in Cheshire, but we were stepping into the domain of an authority in the Midlands alien to us. It was daunting. Now, more than six years later, we still revel in the excitement and challenge of taking on new roles and working in new authorities. What a journey it has been!

In the beginning, we were a team of just two, today we are a team of nine. A passionate, creative, dedicated and determined team. The same characteristics we had on day one, but bigger in number.

Throughout this entire time our love of books, our passion for literacy, and our drive and desire to share this with as many teachers as possible has never waned. This is what makes us tick. This was in our DNA from the very beginning. This is why we continually strive, research and develop our training, our products and services. Our aim is to inspire children.

Our six-year journey has seen government changes, new curriculum, life after levels, teacher assessment frameworks and new OFSTED frameworks; our journey has certainly been anything but plain sailing! There have been a few bumps on the road along the way. Trained as schoolteachers, we suddenly found ourselves in the realms of the business world: marketing, sales, funding pitches, meetings with accountants and much, much more. Each challenge has heightened our resolve, reinforced our team ethos and tightened our approach. Each challenge has made us stronger and more determined to be the best that we can be for each of the children we aim to inspire.

For our first six years, we were based at The Riverside Innovation Centre in Chester, where support was provided for new, start-up businesses. We are now based in much larger business premises as our growing team requires more space and larger offices. This is the next chapter, the next stage of our journey which will really support us in continuing to develop our programme Pathways to Write. This has taken many years and an inordinate amount of research and development to bring to the market. All of this has been exciting. We are very proud of Pathways to Write. We have the pleasure of working in a contrasting range of schools across the UK, as well as internationally. Nothing pleases us more than seeing the outcomes of our support. Pathways to Write is currently used in over 130 schools and we are seeing brilliant outcomes. This makes us excited for the schools that we partner and for the children that we impact on. This would not have been possible without the fabulous team that we have put together. Their passion, determination and dedication impress us every single day.

We are now on the next stage of our journey: which pathway will we be taking? Whichever pathway we take it would be fantastic to have you onboard.