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The Lost Fairytales Retold by Isabel Otter

Mar 26th 2021

This beautifully illustrated anthology contains 20 ‘lost fairytales’ from around the world all with one thing in common: here you will find no damsels in distress. Instead, we have tales of fearless girls who approach life with humour, wit, cunning and bravery.

There are many tales to choose from and a map at the beginning helps set you on your journey. Whether you are looking for Russian folklore or stories from the Highlands of Scotland, they are all here.

The stories range in length but none are too long and are perfect for shared reading or as extracts in grouped sessions.

We have chosen to use some of the tales for an additional cycle of our Pathways to Read Y2 units of work and feel that they bridge that gap to Y3. Other tales would equally work well further in to KS2.

Each story is accompanied by illustrations which fit its history and origin. We are sure you will find a favourite (or two) in here to share with your class. There is also an introduction on the development of fairytales and how they have been altered and passed down over the years. For older children, there is a section of ‘thinking points’ to allow them to delve deeper into the themes and experiences of the heroines.

Little Tiger Publishing £12.99

ISBN: 978-1-84857-875-3

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