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Usborne Illustrated Atlas of Britain and Ireland

Aug 12th 2020

Calling all explorers! In this age of restricted travel and quarantine procedures, what better to pass the time than delving into an atlas? The Usborne Illustrated Atlas of Britain and Ireland details the wonders of home that CAN be investigated over the next few months.

The book is set out in a traditional manner, with a contents and index page and a key to show the meaning of the symbols, making it easy to navigate and useful for children who are new to this type of text.

Each region is spread out across a busy, coloured, double page. Whilst the map takes the centre stage, facts about the area are scattered throughout. The text is presented in bitesize chunks and can be read in any order, offering a level of autonomy to the reader in terms of how they read the page. It makes it both accessible to a younger reader and an easy book to dip into. Famous residents, recognisable buildings and local delicacies are featured on each page with relevant pictures sitting alongside to catch the eye.

Several cities receive the ‘zoomed in’ treatment, great for those who want to delve a bit deeper into somewhere they live, somewhere they have been or somewhere they might like to go.

What is particularly intriguing about this atlas is that it does not just rely on old heroes. Yes, we hear of Shakespeare and Newton and The Beatles but we also learn about Rajinder Singh, Malorie Blackman and Tanni Grey-Thompson, celebrating the multi-cultural Britain and Ireland that exists today.

This atlas is perfect for whetting that travel appetite after months of lockdown. Find the hidden gems you haven’t yet discovered in this place we call home.