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We Are All Different: A Celebration of Diversity by Tracey Turner Asa Gilland – Book Review

Feb 20th 2024

This book tackles some very big themes using accessible language pitched at 7–9-year-olds.


We are introduced to children from one school which presents as a microcosm of a wider global community. The book is arranged into chapters across double page spreads that covers topics including different family structures, gender, disabilities, different cultures and ethnic groups. It celebrates the differences that make us unique – ‘There are billions of wonderful ways to be human’. The book shows that everyone has something valuable to offer and encourages respect, empathy, kindness, and how everyone should be treated equally. The sense of community in the book highlights how everyone benefits in a supportive environment – ‘Our differences add up to something wonderful’.

The illustrations are colourful and engaging and there is lots to look at and read on every page. The book tries hard to present characters and situations that everyone can identify with – I really enjoyed following the journey of the characters in the book. I think a good way to enjoy this book with a class or with children at home would be to ‘dip in’ to selected pages and talk about the themes presented and how this makes you think and feel.

The book has a contents page at the start and a glossary and index at the back making it easy to navigate to the themes you want to explore.

The acknowledgements reference several Inclusive Minds Inclusion Ambassadors who shared their knowledge and experience and an Inclusion and Equality Consultant.

Published by Macmillan

47 pages

ISBN 978-1-5290-9742-9

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