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What to expect from Pathways to Write – Curriculum for Wales

Feb 29th 2024

We have looked closely at the Languages, Literacy and Communication strand from the six Areas of Learning Experience on the Curriculum for Wales.

By looking carefully at this strand and considering the necessary writing skills which need to be taught, we broke the Statements of What Matters into seven distinct areas to be taught: composition and structure, grammar, sentences, punctuation, vocabulary, handwriting and proof-reading, editing and improving. At each Progression Step, the key skills are taught through a text-based approach in our Pathways to Write Welsh Units.

The Mastery Approach

The units use a mastery approach to the teaching of language skills because ‘all children need a deep understanding of what they are learning in order to recall it fluently, use it flexibly and apply it readily’ (adapted from NCETM.) For each phase, units come under three headings: Environmental Issues in Wales, Becoming a Diverse Society and Celebrating Black Lives. These can be used as whole school projects where several classes use the same unit or by choosing a themed unit for each year group. The units can be used on a rolling programme to avoid repeating a text with a class.

In any unit, the process towards mastery is organised as follows:

Gateway Keys

The Gateway Keys give the teacher chance to reinforce previously taught skills, the non-negotiables. The Mastery Keys are the new teaching skills covered at length over the course of 10 sessions per unit. At the end of each unit, the Writeaway tasks afford pupils the opportunity to apply new writing skills in purposeful writing activities, focused on the skills leaned throughout the unit. Throughout the units, there are opportunities to stretch pupils who are more able or to use previous Progression Steps to support those working below expectations.


View the range of units here or download a sample of the planning here.

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